Best Beekeeping Suits 2021

best beekeeping suits in 2021

Apart from investing in the best beekeeping equipment in the market, the other crucial item you need to invest in is a beekeeping suit.

A beekeeping suit is a must-have safety gear if you plan to start beekeeping since it secures you from bee stings.

These suits have a full-body coverage design to ensure all parts are protected from bees’ access.

The majority of the beekeeping suits come with a removable head veil made with frontal mesh materials.

This ensures your vision is not blocked when working or even walking while securing your head area.

What to check out for when buying the beekeeping suit

The size

Ensure the suit that you choose is significant to offer comfortable fitting.

You need a suit that will not restrict your movements or even block you from working comfortably. So, always go for a size larger.

The weight

The weight of the beekeeping suit is another crucial factor to consider when buying it.

A lightweight suit ensures you are comfortable to move around and work.

Too much bulkiness may prohibit you from working for long or performing various duties.

The materials

Ensure the suit you choose has premium quality materials that are durable and resistant to quick tear.

Also, choose a suit that is aerated for breathability when working in hot seasons.

Forest Beekeeping Supply – Premium Cotton Beekeeping Suit

Are you planning to start a beekeeping business at your farm? Well, this is the perfect beginner suit to get for your safety when starting out in the backyard.

The fact that the suit is made of cotton materials ensures your comfort in all weathers.

From the materials constructions to the design, this beekeeping suit ensures you are safe from bee stings at all times.

Therefore, the zippers provide complete closure and are sturdy for durability. The head sections feature a removable veil consisting of frontal mesh materials to ensure you have clear visibility when working.

If you don’t want to work with the cover, you can permanently remove it since it is detachable from the suit.

Special features

Made with premium cotton materials for breathability and comfort.
Thumb straps and a zipper for complete closure.
Both beginner and professional beekeepers.
It is pretty light in weight.

Premium Cotton Beekeeping Suit

Natural Apiary Apiarist Beekeeping Suit

For women who love the beekeeping business, this is the right suit to acquire for the job.

Not only is it designed in a classy manner, but this beekeeping suit is quite comfortable and durable.

The suit has an extra-large size to provide the perfect comfortable fitting for most people.

The large design also ensures one is comfortable to walk without any restrictions when working.

This beekeeping suit has 65% Cotton and 35% Polyester materials crafting that provide comfort and breathability.

So, you can rock this suit to work under the sun since it does not accumulate heat.

For maintenance, toss the suit in the machine washer to clean it.

Special features

  • The suit has elastic on legs and wrists for ample fitting.
    Zips are made of YKK for durability and strength.
    Comes with a detachable veil with mesh materials.
    Made of quality and comfortable materials.

Natural Apiary Apiarist Beekeeping Suit

Bees & Co U74 Natural Cotton Suit

With this beekeeping suit, whether you are a beginner or professional in this job, your safety is guaranteed.

This design is relatively light in weight, so moving around in it is smooth and comfortable for all.

Provides full-body coverage as it comes with a removable veil for covering the head area.

The front part of the veil consists of mesh material to ensure your visibility is not compromised when working or walking around.

The elastic materials on the arms and legs ensure the suit snaps on these areas to prevent the bees from accessing your body through the openings on these body parts.

The other excellent feature you will love from this beekeeping suit is the leg hive tool pockets.

So, you can comfortably store the tools closely for easy access when working.

Special features

  • Can be worn by women and men.
    The suit has heavy-duty materials crafting.
    It has inbuilt pockets to store tools.
    Comes in different size fittings.

Bees & Co U74 Natural Cotton Beekeeper Suit

Humble Bee 420 Aero Beekeeping Suit

With this suit from Humble Bee 420, you don’t have to worry about buying a suit anytime soon.

This vital piece of equipment has quality materials, plus it is pretty comfortable to wear for long, it is of synthetic fabric with aeration to allow free flow of air for breathability purposes.

So, it is an excellent suit to rock when catering for your beehives in hot seasons.

The high piece of gear also features light foam paddings to ensure no beestings can access your body.

Supplied in a large fitting to allow you to work freely, but has elastic on major parts like hand wrists, legs, and even waist to provide comfortable and good fitting.

Special features

  • The unit veil has frontal mesh materials for easy visibility.
    Crafted in a unisex style.
    Aerated internally for breathability.
    Poly-cotton-lined pockets.

Humble Bee 420 Aero Beekeeping Suit

The Ultra Breeze Beekeeping Suit with Veil

This beekeeping suit may cost more than the previously reviewed models, but it is pretty durable, comfortable and designed for all types of beekeeping, such as indoor bees.

This suit is aerated on the inside to allow free flow of air for breathability purposes.

So, if you plan to check on the hives during the summer season, this is for sure a reputable suit to wear for safety.

It allows the free flow of air to prevent heat accumulation in your body.

The other recommendable feature of this suit is the full-body coverage.

Secures the entire body from the bee stings, as it comes with a removable heat veil.

You can clean this suit in a machine washer using cold water.

Special features

  • Quality beekeeping suit.
    Has a breathability mechanism for safety and comfort.
    Suit is compatible with machine washer.
    Features a quality sting protection design.

The Ultra Breeze Beekeeping Suit with Veil


These are the top best and quality beekeeping suits you will find on the market.

Not only do the suits ensure you are safe and protected from bee stings, but they also guarantee comfort.

With breathability features, the suits are comfortable to wear even during the hot seasons.

They come with removable veils to protect the head area from the beestings. So, check out the above-reviewed models of suits to find your best.

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